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If you’re a personal finance writer, blogger and enthusiast, we invite you to submit your guest post to Money Fit for review and potential inclusion on our site. We’ve proudly provided nonprofit personal finance education and attaining independence for over 20 years.

Growing, and spreading the word makes our community stronger and helps empower individuals to live a life free from the burden of debt. While we have a few requirements, we aren’t here to waste your time, as we understand how important it is. Please read the categories accepted and guidelines below prior to submission.


  • Managing Debt

  • Financial Education

  • Budgeting

  • Financial Independence

  • Saving and Spending Tips

  • Relationships & Money

  • Children & Money

  • Life Events & Finances

  • Workplace Financial Wellness

  • Building Credit

  • Preparing for Retirement

  • Financial Scams & Avoiding Them

  • Personal Finance Topics You Suggest Will Be Considered


Category Must Be Related to Personal Finance

Any submission must be original and unique, items duplicated will not be accepted. Items that become duplicated will be removed upon discovery.

Article submitted must meet quality requirements via our internal QA review.

Article must be greater than 750 words in count.

Blatant promotion won’t be accepted. Our mission is education and awareness of personal finance topics.

Author must include up-to-date bio, please include link to your main company page, personal website or blog.

Any links included in the article must be relevant to content submitted. If an article is accepted, we review links routinely to ensure the material has remained consistent with what was originally accepted. If a link ends up pointing to a dead page or irrelevant source we will likely remove the link from the article for quality and continuity standards.

Your content will be posted to our blog section and promoted within our social media network and possibly on our homepage. You will be given full credit and notified once your information is posted. We will, for fairness sake, notify any potential contributor if their submission is denied, with a reason as to why. In most cases we can review second attempts for qualification.

If your submission is selected, we reserve the right to modify the content, or update information such as statistical presentation, if necessary.

We are able, in some cases, to provide quality guest posting articles of our own to your website. If you have a topic you’d like us to tackle with you we welcome your inquiry.

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