115 Side Gigs To Make Extra Money

Whether you call it a side gig, a side hustle, or a side job, the basics to earning extra money never change.

Find a problem, solve it

See a need, fill it.

Notice a demand, supply it

Do something well, then become the best at it, and sell it or teach it to others.

The key to remember is this: you can take whatever skills and gifts you have, hobbies you enjoy, or expertise you've acquired, and make money doing it. Don't forget to GIVE something, somehow and somewhere, in the process, and go for it!!

You never know, your "side gig" could turn into your life's purpose.

Here are 115 ideas to jump start your creative juices.

1. Sell on Ebay/Amazon/Etsy, etc. - buy low and sell high. https://www.smartmoneybro.com/ebay-ecommerce

2. VIPKids or Gogokid - teach English to Chinese kids

3. Flip used car parts - used car parts are always in demand

4. Mow lawns and/or Plow Snow - wherever there is land, there is a need to tend to it.

5. Dog walking - people love their pets, but often times, lack the time or energy to walk them.

6. Tutoring your favorite subject

7. DJ or Mobil DJ - we love to party

8. Conduct Online Book Reviews

9. Do Voice Overs for audio books www.ericbowiesvoice.com

10. Referee or Umpire youth sports

11. Personal trainer

12. Process mattress returns for a bed in a box company

13. Donate Plasma

14. Drive for Lyft or Uber - Or drive for yourself as a local jitney

15. Participate in focus groups

16. Cleaning - commercial or residential or both

17. Server at a local restaurant

18. Grow and sell landscape plants - as downtown and urban living increases, so will the need for green spaces, plants, and rooftop gardens.

19. Buy and re-sell concert and large event tickets - Buy good seats at high demand events early and sell them last minute money.

20. Flip Houses

21. Buy and Hold single family homes / Landlord https://www.smartmoneybro.com/books

22. M.O.P.P (Manage other people's property)

23. Deliver Pizza

24. Wedding Photography

25. Mover - help people move their stuff from one place to another

26. Trash Hauler - help people or small businesses haul stuff or trash

27. AirBNB

28. Mobile video game truck - rent it out for additional money

29. Fix cars on the side - start an after-hours, or a 24 hour auto mechanic shop.

30. United Parcel Service (UPS)

31. Build and fix computers and laptops (or cell phones)

32. Teach older people to optimize social media, use apps, and optimize their cell phones

33. Build websites for individuals and small businesses

34. Drone photography

35. Play music in a local band

36. Handyman/Carpentry/Plumbing - almost every structure in America has floors, walls, and plumbing.

37. Nannying - babysitters still earn money. Daycare is expensive. You can charge half their prices and still make lots of money.

38. Dog sit

39. Make and deliver home cooked meals

40. Bake cakes, cookies, and specialty breads and sell them

41. Real Estate Agent

42. Garage sale arbitrage where you buy from garage sales and resale at your own large garage sale, once a month.

43. Market and sell CBD Oil

44. Mary Kay Consultant

45. Accountability Coach

46. Join the Army Reserve

47. Event set up company - Event planners and wedding planners can always use an extra hand to help

48. Wedding Runner - make runs on the weekend and day of the wedding for brides and wedding planners

49. Tie Dye Party Events for Kids

50. Mobile Notary business

51. Mobile Gas Delivery service

52. Mobile Car wash

53. Process Server business - serving legal papers and documents to people

54. Massage therapy - get a license, keep it clean, and earn money

55. Write books - self publish options are everywhere

56. Secret Shopper

57. House sit, dog sit, or Senior Adult sit

58. Public Speaking

59. Career Coaching

60. Sell Insurance

61. FOREX Trading

62. Become a consultant, or subject matter expert, and teach others whatever you know the most about. Everyone's an expert about something.

63. Virtual Assistant - help busy people get and stay organized

64. Food Deliverer or Grocery Shopper. There are apps that help you to do this for money.

65. Do freelance work on Upwork or Fiverr

66. Rent out your car or an extra car you own on Turo

67. Do odd "honey do" list/jobs for women, men, couples, and families

68. Monetize a blog through affiliate marketing and Ads. Here is one of my favorite blog post about the beauty of blogging: https://highfivedad.com/how-i-left-my-6-figure-job-to-blog-on-my-couch/

69. Stain decks and fences

70. Teach Music

71. Hairstylist, barber, or Make-up artist - hair and beauty is a multi-billion dollar business.

72. Bartender

73. Security guard or a Bouncer

74. Design Vision Boards - create a website, market it, and sell them.

75. Bookkeeping

76. Clown or Magician

77. Give local tours of your town, your farm, your city, etc.

78. Sell your Paintings, Drawings, Jewelry, or graphic designs

79. SEO Consultant - Social Media Management for Individuals or small businesses

80. Tree trimmer

81. Window washer

82. Grow and sell fresh vegetable and fruits - sell them at the local Farmer's market

83. Make and sell body oils

84. Clean carpets, install carpets, or install flooring of any kind.

85. Become a licensed dealer and buy and sell cars

86. Personal trainer for youth - regardless of the sport or the skill, people pay good money to give their kids an edge in sports

87. Put up and take down Christmas lights and other large displays

88. Create balloon displays and balloon animals for children's events

89. Wholesale real estate - houses, land, etc.

90. Pick up trash in parking lots of strip malls and/or large or small businesses

91. Buy and sell used books

92. Become a mystery shopper

93. Refurbish and refinish vintage furniture

94. Create online courses

95. Create online subscription business - charge a small monthly fee of $4.99 per month. Sign up 1000 people and you make $4,990 per month. Just offer great content that people want.

96. Create a personal website and sell any service you can do

97. Be a personal chef

98. Extreme coupon and sell your extras on the side

99. Mobile pet grooming business

100. Start a Food Truck

101. Manage Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) services for small businesses.

102. Children's Birthday planner

103. Raise chickens and sell the eggs - check your city and county rules and regulations

104. Sharpen tools for individuals and small businesses (i.e. knives, shovels, chainsaw blades, lawnmower and tractor blades, saws, etc.)

105. Farm and Ranch help

106. Stage homes for Real Estate companies and agents

107. Clean and organize closets

108. Cut and sell firewood

109. Gather and sell scrap aluminum and other metals

110. Teach firearm safety, clean guns, and do minor repairs

111. Start a YouTube channel doing anything. Sometimes the sillier the better.

112. Rent a piece of your yard to companies to advertise or rent out your land for outdoor parities, or sell ad space on your vehicle.

113. Rent your baby gear - high chairs, play pens, strollers, and car seats. Why let them go to waste?

114. Rent out a room in your house. Buy a 4 bedroom house and rent out each bedroom. Lots of possibilities here!

115. Simply make a budget, stick to it, reduce your expenses, down size your lifestyle, and spend less money - this may be the easiest of all!

Check your laws, rules, regulations and statutes in your city, county, and state before attempting any of these ideas, and go for it.

I'd love the opportunity to discuss any of these ideas with you and help you get started. Feel free to click on the menu at the top of this page labeled SERVICES and notice the Free 15 minute consultation.

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Good luck on your quest to earn extra money on the side!!


Eric is a manager of federal government contracts by day, and a mentor, coach, blogger, voice over artist, top-rated power seller on Ebay, real estate investor and landlord, city planning & zoning commissioner, and author by night. From poverty and a negative net worth at 30 years old, to a multiple six figure net worth today, Eric has had to fight through mistakes to proactively learn about money. Eric's mission today is to reach back and help other ordinary people be empowered to be extraordinary with their money.

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