• Eric Bowie

Money Is Not Everything

Money is not everything. Sounds like a cliche, but in these times we are living in, it's vital that we keep money in its proper perspective. We live in a society of materialistic excess, insatiable greed, and where doing things for money, seems to be more the norm and a mainstay of our values, rather than the exception.

It is vital that we keep regularly reminding ourselves that money should not be the sole driver for everything we do.

No one can serve two masters. No mincing of words with this one.

Now this does not mean you should not desire to work hard, obtain nice things, and gain possessions. It simply means don't do what you do strictly for the purpose of chasing wealth at the compromise of your love for God. Don't serve money over God, and if you think you can serve both, you are wrong. If you love money, you cannot love God at the same time. Jesus said this while speaking to the Pharises, who loved money. Jesus went on to say, in the next verse, "What people value greatly, is detestable in God's sight. In other words, all of the materialism and excess we value in our society, is not cute to God. God is not impressed with your stuff, so don't put your stuff before him. God is most impressed by your faith and your love of him.

Finally, this is not an excuse for you to mismanage money, spend money frivolously, not pay attention to money, or to be foolish with the money you have. Quite the contrary. This is a call for you to be temper your behavior with money, live below your means, be frugal, spend wisely, and prioritize what is most important. It's a call to put money in it's proper place and order, but at the same time, check your heart and your motives, when it comes to money and material possesions.

Just as loving money is bad, so is the love and worship of celebrates that have money. For many Americans this is problematic We seem overly enamored with people that have lots of money. We need to fight against this fascination with celebrities and those that appear to have money. We need to stop settling for mediocrity, and lowering standards and expectations, just because a celebrity has money. Our society tends to forgive, overlook, and excuse the behavior of those that have money.

All money isn't good money. Another cliche, but oh so true. If a celebrity is making a heavy metal song about evil, or rapping about negativity, rape, murder, killing another man, misogyny, or lyrics that lead our kids to destruction, then we tend to overlook all of the negativity when that that artist turns around and gives a large donation to a cause or an organization. Unfortunately, the damage that the heavy metal artist or rapper does to a child's mind far outweighs the money they give, or have.

Money is not everything! It may be a cliché, but it's gospel, in more ways than one.

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