• Eric Bowie

Weight Problems Are Like Money Problems

Struggling with your money is like struggling with your weight.

There are some real interesting similarities between the dicsipline involved with money and the dicsipline necessary to maintain your weight.

Here are 3 ways that struggling with your weight is like struggling with your money.

1. Poor Education. We all know food, however most of us have been misled about what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat, and why to eat. The money involved in keeping these food industries, and others, well fed (pun intended) is enormous. It causes these industry leaders, the companies involved, and the government, from properly educating the masses of people about food. The exact same lack of education surrounds money. We are kept ignorant about how to handle and manage money, because it is not in the best financial interest of the powers that be, to properly educate people about money. The more ignorant the American people are about food and money, the more readily and easily the people can be used and defrauded to keep billion dollar industries alive and well. The reason you aren't educated about money, which we need and partake in daily, is the exact same reason you aren't educated about how to handle your money. Isn't it interesting how public education will teach you how to do trigonometry, how to understand white historical facts, and how to paint, before they teach you what to eat and how to manage and utilize money.

Thankfully, you can do two things today: 1. Learn for yourself. 2. Teach your kids and grandkids.

I suggest you watch the film What the Health on Netflix. Then do the research on your own. Secondly, to educate yourself about money, read, read, and then do some more reading. The internet is the greatest library on the earth. Take advantage of it. Come off of Instagram and Facebook and use this tool to gain knowledge about your health and your wealth.

2. Who needs common sense? We often times throw common sense out the window when dealing with it. We are in the habit, when dealing with our weight, and our money, of throwing caution to the wind and just going with something that we know is not the right thing to do. We will sit at a computer all day, eat, run the kids around, and then come home and eat again, and go to sleep. We know we need some movement, some physical activity, and yet, we don't do it. Common sense would say "don't put that on the credit card", yet we do it anyway. We turn our back on common sense and ignore sanity, all in the name of having what we want, when we want it. There are common sense principles involved in both our health and our money. For example: Common sense tells us that we need to eat smaller proportions, don't eat after 10pm, and cut back on the sugar and breads. That is common sense. What do we do? We ignore everything we know is not right to do with food and have at it. Same occurs with money. We know we should spend less, save more, and live below our means...but what do we do? We try to keep up with the Jones's, get our hair done weekly, and buy the fancy car with 5 years worth of car payments, anyway. Common sense out the window.

Suggestion: If you don't need it right away, wait 48 hours to buy it. Most things, you won't end up purchasing. Also, use that same 48 hour rule for food! Seriously, if you find yourself wanting that slice of cheesecake....tell yourself to have it in 48 hours. Chances are, you won't go back for it! It works.

3. Consumption and overindulgence is the name of the game. Frugality with our money and frugality with our food, would both go a long way to making us more healthy and more satisfied. When you spend all of your money to consume, its eerily similar to the same concept of over consumption that we employ when we load all the wrong things on the plate. We have to develop better habits with our money, just like with how we decide to take care of our bodies. We need to be more conservative with our money, just as we need to be more conservative with our spending habits. Our consumption patterns with both food and money, destroy us, ruin our future, and makes us woefully unhealthy when it comes to money, and our health. When you sit down to eat, slow down, take your time and stop worrying about consuming all of your food in front of you. Eat till you are comfortable, don't eat till you are ready to bust open or go to sleep. Same concept with money. When you get your paycheck, don't go out and spend everything like you are swallowing up the food on your plate. Don't over indulge. Be wise, take your time, and avoid spending till you bust. Same concept.

4. Lack of Discipline. This one is related to common sense. Our biggest enemy, when it comes to weight and money, is usually right in the mirror. Our biggest problem is that we, myself included, would typically rather do what feels good than do what is right. We lack the discipline, the temperance, and the self restraint to manage money properly, just like many of us lack the discipline to manage our weight and eating habits, properly. The issue is to learn to manage the areas of your life that you can control. You can control your money and you can control your weight. You earn your money and no one tells you how to spend it. If you have none, then it's your fault. Similarly, you put the food up to your mouth to eat it, and if you gain weight because of improper eating habits, then you must take full responsibility for it.

There are some serious parrallels between our relationship with money, and our relationship with food. I know there are health reasons some people are overweight, or there are medical reason. I get that. But for the vast majority of us, this stuff is applicable.

The one thing we've got to keep in mind is that control in one area will translate into control in other important areas of your life. When you learn to take control of your money, you will gain the confidence and skills necessary to better manager your weight and health. There is a confidence muscle that is exercised when you take the responsibility necessary to discipline yourself to get better.

Keep in mind - If you can get ahold of anything, then you have the capacity to get ahold of everything.

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