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Brand With Customer Service

With all of the tweeting, posting on Instagram, and Facebook frenzy, everyone wants to be a star, famous, and well known. Everyone has a business, something to sell, and something to show the world. Everyone is "branding" either themselves, a service, a conference, or some product. In fact, I read somewhere that "everyone is their own brand". The constant emphasis on the branding has overshadowed one of the most important and basic fundamentals of growing your business and the marketing necessary to do so. It's simply good solid customer service.

The absolute best way to "brand" anything is to provide good old fashioned quality products and quality services, along with outstanding customer service. This is the most effective tool for "branding" that you could ever do, yet it gets overlooked way too often nowadays. I'm talking about the type of customer service where you actually care more about serving the people, than you care about squeezing an extra penny out the people. Regardless of the platform, the website, or the social media site, this still works. However, I see too many people building their "brand" who are great at marketing on social media, but not-so-great at treating people kindly and with respect. Taking the time to focus on the quality of your goods and services, and being deeply devoted to the satisfaction of your customers, goes a long way to helping your "brand".

Your biggest seller is the quality you provide as you meet the customers needs, and the level of respect and honor for the customer, that shows through the high level of customer service you provide. Your customers and potential customers know when you care and when you don't care. You can build all of the followers you want and have all of the likes you can ever want on every social media platform, however, when it's all said and done, if you aren't providing quality goods and services and you are treating people bad, your business won't go anywhere.

Focus your business on helping and serving as many people as possible. When you are building your business, always remember to put the people first, and everything else second. That's going to have the most important lasting impact on growth and customer retention. Brand's are more lasting when they are built organically through an intrinsic emphasis on the people, and a foundation of good customer service.

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