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What's Your Side Gig?

If you don't have a side gig at this point, you are either living extra frugal, so that you don't need one, or you are very well paid at your main job or place of business. Nothing wrong with either, but a side gig will provide bonuses both economically, and otherwise, that you might not have without it. I've had side gigs that range from a commissioned salesman at Circuit City, Home Depot, Dillards Department Store, owning rental houses, ebay, and others. I have always had a side gig, on and off, for the last 20+ years. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more commonplace to have a "side gig" for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

First, it gives you some control. Many of us work at a job in a business that was started by someone else, and is owned by someone else. Even if you are a manager at your job, you don't own it, so that sense of ownership and control of your own destiny, is still not there for you. Having a side gig gives you a feeling of control, on one hand, and on the other hand, the pressure is not there. Remember, It's not your main job so it doesn't "pay the bills", and therefore ,the side gig typically takes on the role of something you want, not need, thus relieving much of the anxiety that may be associated with it. You, often times, work it because you want to work it, not because you have to. If you are resourceful enough to have a side gig that is your own business, then you have even more of a feeling of freedom and control. You go to a job every day where you are either a worker low on the totem pole, or a middle manager, and then you come home to something you control and own. That is a good feeling, and adds to your sense of accomplishment, self worth, and joy.

Secondly, the side gig offers some extra money. Extra cash in your pocket is the sweetest part of the deal, and its the main purpose of having an extra gig. We continue in this land of excess, so extra money is always important to come in handy. Unfortunately, our lifestyle, which is purely a choice, for many of us is such that extra money is almost needed, and I use that word loosely. Many of us could pare our lifestyle back and eliminate the thought of a side gig, but many us don't. We'd rather work and earn the extra money, and continue doing what we do, which is over-consume, which forces us to have to go out and get a side gig. If this is what you have your side gig for, more power to you.

Thirdly, many of us have a side gig to build something of our own that will someday, hopefully, replace our main gig. Having a side gig for this purpose, helps and definitely gives something to shoot for. This is the side gig that has you working your passion till midnight and later, rushing to get home to get to it, keeping you occupied mentally while you are at your main job, and gives you energy!

Are you a painter, love flowers, play in a band on the weekends, enjoy event planning, write poetry, or repair appliances on the side? Whatever you do, and do well, consider parlaying that skill, or love, into a side gig for yourself. You work hard on your job, but the key to an effective side gig, is working harder for yourself than you work for that 9 to 9. A side gig can give you the freedom, energy, and ability to hone in on your skill set, in an effort to profit for you, which you cannot get from working your 9 to 5. The money is one thing, but the intangibles are icing on the top.

Regardless of what your side gig is, or why you have a side gig, the bottom line is that we are living in a day and age where the "side gig" is becoming a regular part of everyone's life. This doesn't mean you have to have one, but when you look at the climate in corporate America today, coupled with the fact that you don't own your job so you have no control over it, you have to start seriously considering the power and advantages to having a side gig. Your side gig could, on day, replace your main job, or it could simply provide a little extra money. Maybe you prefer a side gig that is simply a part time job, or maybe you want a side gig that will allow you to do something you love. It's your choice, and a "choice" is the whole point of a side gig. You have control and the decision making power to do whatever you like, with a "side gig".

So, what's your side gig?

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