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4 Ways To Afford College

Do you really want to make college affordable? Follow these 4 simple tips, and you can do it!! You don't have to break the bank and go in debt to get a college degree. Don't even try it cause I won't buy it, and neither should you.

1. Go Slow. It's better to get a 4 year degree in 8 years, with no debt, than to get a 4 year degree in 4 years with mounds and mounds of debt. In the big scheme of life, there isn't much difference between age 22 and age 26, so finishing slower to make it more affordable is a great idea.

2. Work. Work a second job, work a third job, work overtime, work for yourself at a side gig, or work for the school you want to attend. Make extra money and earmark it specifically for college. Here is a great idea: Get a job in the field you are majoring in, so that when you come out of college, you have experience in your field!

3. Get scholarships. Turn the efforts to getting scholarships into your own personal part time job, if necessary. There are lots of scholarships, and "free money", out there just waiting on you. The better your grades, the more scholarships will be available to you. Get serious about locating these scholarships. They really help!!

4. Community Colleges. I can't stress this enough. You MUST find a college that is affordable! If you don't spend your first 2 years getting your first 60 something credit hours at a community college, you are voluntarily giving up tens of thousands of dollars. I can't begin to name all of the advantages of a community college.

The point here is that college is doable and attainable, without breaking the bank. Universities rely on keeping you ignorant and uninformed. They make a business out of keeping information away from you that will make you choose less costly alternatives. If you say you can't afford college, you are simply saying you don't want it. These are just 4 tips that can help you go to college and actually afford it, without drowning in debt. Good luck!

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