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30 Things Money Can't Buy

Money is not everything.

Sounds cliche'- ish, but in these times we are living in, it's vital that we keep money in its proper perspective. Money is not a friend, an enemy, or some lofty goal. Money is a medium of exchange, and it's a tool.

If you don't control this tool, called money, it will control you. Most of us reading this live in a world full of materialistic excess, insatiable wants, and where doing anything and everything to get money seems to be more of the acceptable norm than the misguided exception.

In this blog post, I want to sort of dispel the myth that money is the "end all and be all". Sure money is important, but lets slow our roll just a bit with thinking everything can be bought and sold with money. So I want to share 30 things that cannot be bought with money.

Two super important things about money to keep in mind as you go through the list below:

1. Money won't make you happy

2. Don't chase money. Chase being valuable

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We know that money, when used as a tool, can buy a lot of things

But here is my list of 30 things that money cannot buy

1. Time - We all have the same 24 hours every day. No more and no less. You can't buy more.

2. Loyalty - Money has often attempted to bribe and purchase loyalty, but real loyatly has no price attached.

3. Peace and Stress Free Living - All the money in the world can't buy you peace. In fact, money may cost you some peace and cause you a lot of stress in the process.

4. True Friends - They can't be bought, sold, rented, auctioned off, or leased. Money doesn't move these people. Steer clear of people who can be moved by money. They are dangerous.

5. Gratitude - If you ever run across gratitude that is for sale, run the opposite direction. You're being played.

6. Self-Esteem - You can't purchae self-esteem. Either you have confidence or you don't. And if you believe money can buy you confidence, then you don't really have confidence in the first place.

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7. Good Mental Health - There is no price on a sound mind. Sometimes people with the most money have the poorest mental stability.

8. Good Physical Health - It cost nothing and it's not for sale. Everybody will die, whether you have lots of money or not. Money doesn't save you from ailments that affect your health. It may preserve you a little longer, but most ailments are no respecter of money. Many times money gives you access to things that will destroy your physical health quicker then if you didn't have money.

9. Wisdom - Wisdom comes with time, through patience, from experience, by listening, and by applying knowledge and understanding to a given situation. Those things can't be bought or purchased.

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10. Hardwork - There is a difference between quality and hardwork. Can money buy quality, absolutely. Can money assure someone will work hard, absolutely not. Hardwork is intrinsic and can't be bought. If money is the only motivator for hardwork, there will soon be a problem.

11. Discipline - You can't purchase discipline with money, because it's controlled from within. You can certainly try to purchase it, and perhaps get lucky if you find it, but don't count on it. Discipline is not free, but it doesn't cost money, it costs other things on this list that money can't buy!

We would all benefit by separating ourselves from the noise sometime.

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12. Good Character - Integrity is never for sale, although it often appears to have a price on it.

13. Common Sense - The good ole fashioned art of basic common sense is something that escapes a lot of us trapped in the matrix of life.

14. Joy - Joy is different than happiness. Happiness is fleeting, moody, and comes and goes. Happiness may be for sale. However, true joy comes from within and is not moved by material items, sunshine, a good meal, or anything else. Joy is a choice that is left up to each individual, it's not controlled by feelings, and money has no chance against it.

15. Missed Opportunities - Just like time, once their gone, their gone.

16. Love - Regardless of whether or not it appears to be for sale, real unconditional love can't be bought.

17. Good Reputation - You can only rent or lease a good reputation. Ultimately, the real person will shine through.

18. Respect - Just like most things on this list, respect appears to be for sale. However, if you attempt to buy respect, you aren't going to get respect. You'll get a form of respect that appears genuine for a moment. That's fool's gold.

19. Trust - Once you lose trust, it could be gone forever. Money is certainly not the way to get it back!

20. Soft Skills - Leadership, teamwork, listening, punctuality, emotional intelligence, and empathy. There are others, some of which are on this list, but they were too important to lump together.

You can certainly learn soft skills, but money doesn't buy them because you have to have an internal desire in order to obtain them. We have terms that we use for soft skills that are paid for.... terms like fake, phony, disingenuous, and I'm sure you can think of some others.

21. Gravity - Odd as it may seem, gravity is gravity. It's a law that money can only slightly affect but never change. Feel free to buy gravity. It will cost you a lot, and ultimately what goes up will come down.

22. Good Night's Sleep - You can buy a better bed, buy a better neighborhood, and buy some quiet. However, you can never escape the noise in your own head that prevent you from getting a good nights sleep. You can never purchase a new inner you.

23. Good Manners - "Hello", "Thank You", "Please". "I'm Sorry". Those are things that you are either taught, or weren't taught. You could certainly learn them as an adult, but good manners and courtesy can't be sustained by simply money.

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24. Memories - A sound mind that remembers things is hard to buy. Memories fade, and money can't buy them back.

25. Beauty - You can try to buy it, but it seems that the more people buy beauty, the more unattractive they become. Beauty seems to flee from those who try to buy it. I won't mention any names here, but fill in the blanks with examples of the people you know.

26. Purpose in Life - Your purpose, your gifts, your talent, or whatever you are supposed to deliver to the people of the world, is in you, from birth. Money can buy your job and your talent for a short time, but your gifts and your purpose will never leave you because it's yours and goes with you forever.

27. Positive Attitude - I know some people that make a lot of money and have a terrible attitude. And I know some people with no money who have the best attitude in the world. Money can't buy that.

28. Kindness - It takes no extra time out of your day. Kindness can be rented or leased, but money can't truly buy it in any significant sustainable form.

"I don't trust anyone who's nice to me but rude to the waiter. Because they would treat me the same way if I were in that position." - Muhammad Ali

29. Good Relationship With Your Children - Money can't buy friendships and relationships. Not the one's that are genuine. And money can't buy the true heart of people.

30. Good Intentions - Not only can money not buy good intentions, it may ruin intentions by negatively influencing them. A good heart is not persuaded one way or another by money.

Money is not everything! It may be a cliché, but it's the truth!

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