• Eric Bowie

COVID-19: Coming Out Stronger, Balanced, and More Together

My heart goes out to people who have been affected by the corona virus. For those of us that have been blessed to have a platform and an audience, I think it's important that we do our best to be as positive as possible, and bring light where there is darkness in the world.

I believe that I have a responsibility to uplift others, encourage people, and help people think about the good, regardless of what's going on around them.

So in this short blog post I want to offer some things I believe can be looked at as eye opening, silver linings and good outcomes from this virus. We get enough negativity, so I want to focus on the positives. Yes, there has been disruptions in our lives, but I hope this list will uplift you, inspire you, and motivate you to embrace the changes that are a result of the pandemic that the world is facing.

If we can embrace the things on this list, we can come out of this stronger, more focused, more balanced in our lives, and more together as humans.


1. We are gaining a greater appreciation for Healthcare workers who deal with illnesses and sicknesses every day. We are also learning to treasure and value the service of teachers, firefighters, custodians, housekeeping staff, and grocery store workers. These are the people that are on the front lines clearing the way for our survival, and making America efficient, clean, safe, and stocked and ready for the next day.

2. We are embracing a greater appreciation for the outdoors, the air we breathe, the sun, the trees, the clean water, and nature itself.

3. We are getting a revelation about the power of movement, working out, taking a walk, and the ability to exercise our bodies with minimal equipment.

4. We are gaining a better understanding of how to care for ourselves without the assistance of barber shops, nail salons, beauty shops, spas, and all of the things we think we need.

5. We are renewing and strengthening our care, concern, respect, appreciation, and reverence for our elders. I'm encouraged by all of the attentiveness, protection, favor, and admiration people are giving to the ones who have raised us and delivered instruction and guidance to us.

6. We are developing a greater focus on the challenges of our own individual health. We are washing our hands more, using sanitizer more, and focusing on building our immune system by eating more fruits and more vegetables, and focusing on the micro-nutrients that make our bodies strong.

7. We are increasing our ability to cook at home. That means less patronizing of restaurants, less fast food, and more preparing and cooking our own meals. Have you ever stopped to think about how unnatural it is to allow someone else to prepare food for you, without you having a clue what is in the food or how it was prepared? It makes you wonder how we got to that point where we feel safe and comfortable with the idea of not even being able to feed ourselves! It's good to know what is in our food, and having the ability to cook and prepare our own meals.

8. We are thankfully decreasing our reliance on cars, which save us gas money, saves wear and tear on our cars, puts less man-made destructive pollutants into the environment, and most of all, saves on the amount of car accidents, which reduces the amount of lives lost.

9. We are getting an increased understanding of the importance of our time. Now we have more time to think, more time to read, more time to reflect, more time to pray, more time to organize, more time to be constructive, and more time to reassess the importance of the use of our time on this earth.

10. We are seeing the kindness and benevolence that abides in the hearts of people. We are seeing the power of people coming together, despite differences, and rising to the challenges by overcoming fear, and doing what's right and good to help the people that need the most help. That's Powerful.

My goal is to encourage you, strengthen you, and lift your spirits. Stay positive and embrace the things on this list, and lets come out of this COVID-19 with more strength, a greater focus, and being more unified than ever before.

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