Taking Charge and Being In Control - Why Ownership Matters

Is ownership important to you? Do you want to own your own business someday? Are you tired of feeling like everyone else in in control of you?

Lets unpack a few facts to show why ownership of a business is important and why it should be at the top of everyones list when it comes to your goals and your financial future.

Regardless of your gender, your ethnicity, or your age, ownership shoud matter for everyone.

After I give some facts, I want to give you a few things you can do so that you can be on your way to becoming the owner of your future.

This blog post is not about blaming anyone. It's about empowering everyone!

The choice is yours!

5 Quick facts about ownership

Fact #1: Working hard and simply knowing the right people does not guarantee that you are more likely to get hired, earn a promotion, win an award, stave off being layed off, or thrive at your job. Working hard and making sure the right people LIKE YOU, does help, but guarantees nothing!

Fact #2: If you don't own it, then you don't control it, and you can't dictate the decision making about it. If you don't own it, somebody other than you, is making a decsion about you and your future role in their business.

Fact #3: You won't always get hired when you deserve to, you won't always get the promotion you think you should have gotten, and you won't always get treated as fairly as you like. And usually, there is very little you can do about it.

Why? Because it's not your business and, at the end of the day, it's really not your job. The job is on loan to you for as long as they need you and want you. Or until you do something against their rules that they crafted and developed, or you do something that they don't like. And when someone gives you something, like a job, they can always take it back.

As long as they are within the confines of the law, people that own businesses will surround themselves with who they want and are comfortable with, they will hire who they want, and they will promote who they want.

We've all been at the job where the new intern comes in at 24 years old with "the look", and you train them. And only 3 years later, you're sitting there wondering how they became your supervisor and got on the "fast track" up the corporate ladder. Let's not pretend like we haven't seen it.

Meanwhile you are sitting there working hard, always on time, working overtime, super knowledgeable over and above everyone else, including the managers, and mad! That's because your promotion on the job has NOTHING to do with what's "fair". It has everything to do with the fact that those that own it do with it as they please.

And 99 times out of 100 it's not your attitude, not the way you dress, not the way you talk or the way you walk. Don't question yourself, because it's probably not you! They want you to think it's you, but the bottom line is they own it and you don't! It's against the law for them to say that, but it's true!

Fact #4: You cannot ask, beg, legislate, or march your way to any sort of sustainable fairness in the corporate or business world, or anywhere else for that matter. I understand that laws do exist, such as the Americans Against Disability Act (ADA), the Act against Age Discrimination, the Civil Rights Act, and all of the many other laws that a country, province, or state may have against discrimination. With all of those laws on the books, you have to ask yourself the question: why does discrimination still happen?

Whether we agree that it happens less nowadays or not, is not the issue. The fact remains that it still happens at a disturbingly high rate. That is just the fact.

Fact #5: My opinion, and your opinion, have no effect on the other 4 facts on this list. What we feel, believe, want, and how we think it should be, morally speaking, is completely irrelevant to these facts.

Things to think about

Maybe you are reading this and you say to yourself that you simply don't have a desire to be a business owner. Of course, that is totally your right and your choice, but you may want to ask yourself "Why"? What have I been exposed to. or not been exposed to, which makes me so indifferent and/or against owning a business?

If you can't really answer the question of why you don't have a desire to be in a position of ownership, then perhaps you have to ask yourself some deeper questions, such as:

"Do I believe that being an owner of a business is too much work for me?"

"Why am I satisfied working a 9 to 5 and being told what to do, when to do, and how to do?"

"Am I smart enough, strong enough, disciplined enough, and capable of being an owner?"

"Why am I ok being led, but not ok being the leader?"

"Why am I ok being under someone else's control?"

And "why am I more comfortable with someone else taking accountability and being responsible for me"?

What happens to a lot of us is we volunteer to give up our right to be in control on one hand, and then we complain about being treated poorly by the people we've allowed to control us, on the other hand. I guess, in the end, we can complain, but realistically, and it really pains me to say this, no one will really cares.

Most of us reading this live in a society where we get paid for the risks we take, not for the passion with which we complain about the situation we are in. I know this sounds really harsh, and I wish it wasn't necessarily this way, but it is. So we can either complain, or we can do something about it.

I believe that you have what it takes to be an owner, to start your business, and to thrive at it. I think too many of us have had the life and the zeal and desire zapped out of us from being taught to be an employee and a "worker bee". I think it's just a matter of slightly shifting our mindset back to where it once was! Back to that "anything is possible and I can achieve and be anything I want" place.

Check out the video below. It's ENCOURAGING and eye opening information everyone should begin to think about!

Here is what you can do

Change your thinking and your narrative about the notion of ownership. Shift your paradigm when it comes to owning a business.

Being in charge and in control of a business is something all of us innately have an interest in, but for many of us, we've sort of abandoned these types of ideas, and given in to a self-defeating attitude towards control, ownership, and being in charge. We think it's too stressful, it's too time consuming, or it's just "not worth it".

Nobody can fire the owner! It doesn't happen!

The problem with abandoning the critical mindset of being an owner, means you will forever be under the thumb and control of someone else. It's almost like giving someone else the keys to your destiny and saying "I hope you get me there".

When you think and believe that all you are is a worker or an employee for someone else, you have to be prepared to live a life of pleasing others, smiling when you don't want to smile, being in constant fear of losing a job, having the misfortune of having a "bad boss", or some other stressful situation you can easily find yourself in that you have no control over.

Thinking like this means not only your economic destiny, but your electricity, your water, the clothes on your back, and the food on your table, are all tied to someone else's decisions. That's scary.

No matter who you are on this planet, you can build something, you can take the hands God gave you and create something, start a business out of your passion, or produce something and sell it for a profit.

Perhaps, you can simply sell something around your house for a profit, create an Ebay store or an Amazon store, create a small one-person shop for yourself based on what you do well, develop job opportunities for others, or, at the very least, start some type of venture that you can call your own.

Whether it's growing plants, baking pies, encouraging and motivating others, writing a book, or whatever. The ideas are endless. Everyone doesn't have to build a big business with hundreds of employees, but if you embrace the concept of ownership, at least you can spend time and energy devoted to following your natural skills and passion into a small business you can call your own!

You can start buy reading some new books about self improvement, take some new classes, learn a new skill in an area that interest you, sharpen some natural skills you already have, research and consider monetizing whatever it is that you are passionate about or an area you are skilled in.

The beauty in starting your own business is that it has nothing to do with your age, your gender, your socieoeconomic level, or your level of formal education. You don't have to have a degree to start a successful business, and you certainly don't have to have a bunch of money!

Start today! Whatever it may be, do it so much that if you had to quit your current job, or got laid off, you could start doing this full time and LOVE IT! The times we are in prove that nothing is certain.

What you ultimately do is up to you, Just keep in mind that one of the most reliable ways that you can take responsibility and accountability for your economic future is through ownership. And that ownership results in power. There is power in creating something. There is power in building something. There is power in controlling your own destiny, and there is power in being able to cultivate and manage the growth and evolution of a product or a service that you serve to the world, and it's yours! It feels good to be your own boss and call your own shots.

The way you do this is start thinking differently about ownership. When you change the narratives you tell yourself about ownership, it changes your thinking about what's possible, and when you believe more is possible, you ultimately are able to change your situation.

Taking Charge and Being In Control - Ownership Definitely Matters!

If you have a gift, a purpose, or a strong desire to do something, you can do it!


Eric is a manager of federal government contracts by day, and a mentor, coach, blogger, voice over artist, top-rated power seller on Ebay, real estate investor and landlord, city planning & zoning commissioner, and author by night. From poverty and a negative net worth at 30 years old, to a multiple six figure net worth today, Eric has had to fight through mistakes to proactively learn about money. Eric's mission today is to reach back and help other ordinary people be empowered to be extraordinary with their money.

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