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Read below to learn about our 4 step process to help empower you, and help you maximize and control your money.

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4 Steps To Maximize

YOUR Money


Money Mindset


Money Mainstay


Money Management


Money Multipliers



Step 1: Money Mindset. We start with the Money Mindset. Here, we discuss your goals, breakdown the barriers to understanding money, discuss the importance of giving, explore your philosophy about money, and begin the process of handling money with confidence and power. This is my opportunity to get to know your relationship with money and how I can help you get there.


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Step 2: Money Mainstay. Your "mainstay" is your biggest source of current income. We figure out if you are maximizing your biggest and most stable source of income, which is your paycheck. We look at, and discuss, all of your sources of stable, and not so stable, monthly income, in order to establish a foundation of what you currently bring in. Are you contributing to your retirement fund on your job? If not, why not, and how do you start?  We go over 3 things you must be doing on your job, right now, and other important aspects of your current income.


Step 3: Money Management. This is arguably the most important step to becoming empowered with your money. Here we go to  work on how you can best manage what you already have. Most people don't actually have a "money" problem. Most people actually have a "management" problem. We explore this thoroughly by diving into your budgeting on a line item basis, trim the fat, and find the leftovers. We work on your expenses and lowering your output. We also look at investing, figure your net worth and discuss ways to grow it, be intentional with it, and grow it. We determine what's left every month, how we can use it to attack debt, how to create an estate plan, and other essentials to managing your money.


Step 4: Money Multipliers. During this stage in the process, we explore and talk about how you can start creating multiple streams of income, discover your gifts and skills, and monetize them to reach exponential growth. This is where the fun begins. All of the previous steps must take place before we get to this point in the process. 


It's work, but it's worth it!

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